Vital Water Source

Shambani Village, Kenya


For a long time, Shambani villagers suffered from a lack of water and had to walk a long distance to get it. This came to an end by networking with other organizations and institutions to contribute funds and come up with a lasting solution. One partner organization dug the well, and then GHNI-Kenya installed a solar panel for pumping water to the storage facility that was built by another partner.


It took their combined efforts to finally see water flowing to the community. This was a great relief, but after a while the community felt the need to extend the water to farther parts of the community. Christine is one happy beneficiary of this project, along with her neighbors. She shared how difficult it was compared to what it is today. Many are now asking for permission to use it for small-scale farming, paying a small fee in return. For management and sustainability purposes, this matter is still under discussion, as there are many more like-minded and wishing to do the same.