Blog: Vocational Training Program

Sharing Favourite Cultural Foods

Vocational Training Programme, Jordan


We are still working with Rana, the lady from Syria, in our Vocational Training Programme. We have ordered 50 pickle jars recently to distribute to the refugees during the home visits. It’s a win-win situation because Rana will generate income and the refugees we visit will enjoy her yummy pickles.


Also, we ordered some Armenian pickles and sausage from Jerayer.  



Helping Families Support Themselves

Vocational Training Program, Jordan


*Ranim is from a village named Jobar in Syria. She is married and has three daughters and one son.  When the war in Syria became increasingly violent and the frequency of bombings multiplied, Ranim and her husband feared for their family’s safety and livelihood so, in 2013, the family fled Syria and came to Jordan. They registered as refugees with the UNHCR and finally began their lives here.  


Overcoming Horror and Regaining Hope

*Aliye is an Iraqi refugee from Qaraqosh village. She left her village when a violent group attacked Mosul and the surrounding villages. She moved to Erbil with her family and since they didn’t have a place to stay, they stayed at a community center for a couple months. They had to share the same hall and bathroom with thousands of people. The situation was miserable.  


Clinic Provides Hope, Plus Health Care

Refugees in Jordan


Syrian Refugees in Jordan


The clinic has received about 20 Syrian patients. We received two infertile ladies, but our medical staff couldn’t do much for them medically. They did support them emotionally and encouraged them to always have hope. Our doctor has a good relationship with them now and always follows up with them by calling and asking how they are doing and sharing some advice.

Building Bonds of Friendship

Vocational Training Program, Jordan


We had a special time with another Iraqi refugee family. We had lunch at the house of *Shahram and his family. They made a very yummy, well-known Iraqi dish called dolma. They are such a kind and loving family. Shahram, his wife, and their four children are from Dahok in northern Iraq. They left Iraq searching for a safer place to live and for a future for their children. They have been in Jordan for only ten months.


Building Bonds of Friendship

Vocational Training Program, Jordan


The food project is ongoing, and its results are great! The families are happy to cook and host our guests, introducing them to their culture and country dishes. In addition, they are earning some income which helps them. Likewise, our guests, volunteers, and friends are enjoying the yummy food and new experiences with our refugee families.