Voting to Prioritise Needs

Polewali, Indonesia


This quarter, the Transformational Community Development (TCD) team conducted a Mini-Vision Seminar in a small offshoot of the Polewali Village consisting of 58 households. The team was accompanied by Thamrin, a member of the first Polewali TCD Village Committee. Eighteen community members attended the first day of the seminar, and twenty attended the second day. Six TCD lessons were taught, with the final lesson resulting in the formation of a new TCD Village Committee consisting of eight men and women who will focus on the specific needs of these 58 households.  


At first, this cluster of families thought that the TCD programme was some sort of political activity. After they joined in the Water Project from the first Polewali Committee, they became motivated to enthusiastically receive the TCD team for a Vision Seminar. During the Vision Seminar, needs and local resources were discussed and they identified toilets, Income Generation, Water, Education, and Health as their primary focus areas, in that order.  


Since there are only 11 toilets compared to 58 houses, the Village Committee launched a revolving fund for building two toilets per month. They created a budget which will be 50% subsidised by GHNI for materials, with labour being 100% local. The first two toilets are slated to be built in July. 


Meanwhile, the first Committee continues to refine their soap made from coconut oil sediment. They have performed countless tests to try to get a consistent product with the desired scent and texture.  


Next quarter, the TCD team will continue to conduct TCD lessons, monitor, and encourage these two Committees in their activities. 


Thank you,


Saadiyah & Indro
GHNI Partner TCD Workers