War Increases Refugee Population

Spitak, Armenia


The intense war in Nagorno-Karabagh continued for six weeks. The Armenian army and the whole nation fought against international terrorism. Neighbouring countries brought thousands of terrorists to fight against Armenian soldiers. We are relieved that the war in Armenia is over for now. 


According to the latest official report, 100,000 people had to leave their homes in  Nagorno-Karabagh (N. Karabagh) and flee to refugee camps and other places in the Republic of Armenia. The terrorist armies continually bombed this area’s cities and villages, killing 47 civilians, including two children and injuring 145. Children have been deprived of education because several schools and kindergartens were bombed.


Thousands of Feelings Behind the Happiest Smiles


Families who were displaced had different urgent needs, so we collected packages of slippers, second-hand clothing, and some food. Volunteers sorted and distributed clothes for children.


The local children received toys, and with the help of their parents, we were able to gather toys, sweets, and fruit for 25 children from the refugee camp. These children came without a single toy, so for them, it was an important event, and the local children had the new experience of learning to share what they have with those in need.


Training for Government Workers


The war was unexpected, and the local government workers were not equipped and prepared for work with the refugee communities. We saw a great need to have a short training and talk about trauma and how to work with people who have experienced war.


Our group made  “thank you”  postcards for each of them. We also arranged with a café owner who agreed to charge only for coffee and tea,  which enabled us to encourage the government team for the enormous work they do, and also to have a short training to equip them for this new field of work. At the end of the training, they asked us to have more training like this. We made a plan to follow up, which opened a new door for us to work closely with our local government members.


Thank you, dear friends, for all your support. We love you a lot!


Thank you!