Warmth Fuels Women’s Ability to Learn

Women’s Empowerment Centre--East, Afghanistan


The Women’s Empowerment Centre in Bamyan Village’s east district is going well. The English students who are from the upper village finished their final exams and are now on a 10 day break. They finished their English books called Let’s Go Introductory Level, so we bought 20 Let’s Go Level 1 for them. Recently, the boys also expressed an interest in joining the class, as well.  


Meanwhile, the women continue to daily come to our hygiene classes. We spoke with the local Bamyan Hospital, and they provided different graphics to help the women learn.  Since it’s so cold, we bought them a potbelly stove and provided coal and wood for fuel. This warmth helps the women to focus while they’re in class.


The local women who are attending hygiene classes have requested a tailoring class, or other classes to develop skills so they can generate their income. These requests are under consideration.  


Thank you!




*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Martin” is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.