Warning Against Female Circumcision

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Every week, we offer Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons for children, and we noticed that through the participation of some children a change has happened to them. A boy named Omar* shared that the lesson of choosing a friend impacted him greatly. Choosing a good friend is different from how he chose a friend. He said, "I didn't know how to choose a good friend for my life before. In the past, my friend would talk behind my back and say something terrible about me. I didn't know why.” Omar said, “My friends came to my house and found money on the desk, so I took it and hid it in my pocket because I couldn’t trust them. When I heard the lesson on choosing a friend, I learnt what the characteristics of a true friend are: he is loyal and honest in his words and dealings with me, is faithful to my secrets, accepts my flaws and loves me. I learnt the lesson and chose a friend from within the group.”


Female circumcision has been a social issue for many years, and it is considered a cultural or religious ritual in more than 27 countries in Africa and the Middle East. Egypt is one of the countries in the Middle East where this is most done, and the method of female circumcision varies in each country according to the place, customs, and traditions. As an institution, we are fighting to change thoughts and fight wrong habits and traditions. We presented this lesson nearly a year ago and talked about the harm and dangers of this process, and whether it has anything to do with the chastity of the girl or not. When we presented it last week, an old lady about 70 years old came up and said, “I was very convinced of circumcision, and I would advise every mother to do this procedure for her daughter until I heard this lesson from you last year, and I learnt that it could possibly sterilise the girl. Now, I am standing in front of all the people and saying, “Beware of harming your daughter psychologically and physically. This is wrong. The girl’s chastity is in her brain and way of thinking. I hope someone understands these words and will remember them. I never did that to my daughters or my grandchildren.” This elderly lady started spreading awareness to all her neighbours and relatives because she was convinced and changed her mind, and started to be a light among people.


Thank you!



GHNI National Leader

*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Omar”  is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.