Wasting No Time for Transformation

Didi Hara Village, Ethiopia

Dida Hara Village is found in the south part of Ethiopia, in the Oromia region. Being outside the town of Yabelo, it’s considered in the “Yabelo Zone." This is one of our four NEW villages where GHNI-Ethiopia has begun Transformational Community Development (TCD).

We have now traveled to Didi Hara several times and met for discussions with the community, leaders, and elders of the community. We have had wonderful conversations with these different groups explaining how we help communities by our TCD method. All groups are very happy and eager to start working with us.

The village has already chosen committee members for the five areas of TCD—clean water, food, wellness, education, and income generation. All the committees have started working!

The agriculture committee is led by Dima. Dima is 45 years old and his wife Tume is 33 years old. They have five children. Dima is a hard worker and wants to teach his village by modeling TCD activities with his wife. As a result of our initial lessons, they are already preparing farm land to plant drought-resistant trees.

Dima and Tume are very eager to change their lives with our TCD lessons.