Water and Agriculture, a Powerful Combo!

Gem Village, Kenya


After a well was installed in Gem, the villagers were really happy because obtaining potable Water had been a problem for so long. They used to fetch water from a river that was not safe for human consumption. This caused many diseases due to contaminated water.  The well was drilled by GHNI in partnership with a local Community Centre and other organisations.


Water is now available and the community is delighted because their lives have changed for the better. Some of the recurring diseases have disappeared. Some of the villagers have started farming. Farming was a new concept for the community, but through GHNI’s coaching with Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons, agriculture is now thriving.


The villagers have invested time, labour, and seed in the farms. This has helped Income Generation so they do not have to depend on relief. They can harvest and save for future use. Some villagers sell their produce and buy other goods, and this helps families to meet their basic needs.


Mama Katoo is one of the villagers who ventured into farming. She planted maize and beans and had a good harvest; she was able to sell some of her produce to the Isiolo market. Mama Katoo is now able to pay the school fees for her children and can meet other family needs. She is thankful for the help of GHNI.


Thank you!