Water is Essential for Life and Livelihood

Sulawesi Village, Indonesia


This quarter, after a Transformational Community Development (TCD) refresher training with Jeremy and the Polewali team, we were able to conduct a vision seminar over several weeks in Mawa, presenting TCD lessons in the community.  After this vision seminar, the community chose a committee to oversee the TCD program. 


The committee decided that their first order of business would be to solve their water supply problem.  This is seen as most urgent, not only because of sanitation and hygiene issues related to the lack of water, but also because water will be essential to any sort of agricultural initiative in the future, which will be aimed toward Income Generation and improved nutrition.  


After several meetings, the committee devised a budget to build a tank with a pump at a spring located some distance from the village. The water will then be piped down to the village. The Baji Tonji organisation in partnership with GHNI agreed to assist in this effort, providing approximately 50 percent of the budget to complete this project. The committee has set up a system to periodically collect a set amount of money from each family in the community who will benefit from the project.  


At this point we are waiting for the money to be collected before we disburse our part of the funds. This was a decision made by the committee, because although they are grateful for the assistance given, they also realise that this is their problem to solve. We have been encouraged by the attitude of the community as they are not just looking for handouts, but are grasping the TCD principles that they can be the ones to lift themselves out of poverty, step by step.  


Thank you!