Water is Hope

Kiwanjani Village, Kenya


It is a journey of transformation for this village of Kiwanjani.


Through the Water project, the recent installation of a new water kiosk, provided thanks to donor funding, the villagers living in Kiwanjani’s lower side now have full access to clean running water for the first time.


The initiative taken by GHNI to provide clean water makes for a healthier community by providing clean running water for drinking and washing. Before this project, life was so different and strenuous for many families; due to lack of water, many children could not attend school and there were a lot of skin diseases among the villagers. Because of the Water project, the lives of the Kiwanjani villagers have been transformed in a big way.


The kiosk was built through donor contributions towards A Better Life water initiative projects. In April 2019, it was constructed near a community centre in Kiwanjani, where GHNI was able to hire a local contractor to build the water kiosk. As of now, 100 families who have been suffering due to lack of access to clean water are now enjoying their normal lives. The leaders of the community are appreciative for this step taken by GHNI to install dignity for the village. 


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader