Water to Nourish the Soul

Gem Village, Kenya


GHNI’s hope to change the lives of the poor, hurting, and hidden villagers is becoming real and true. The community sounded an alarming outcry to help young children who were left orphans after they lost their beloved parents to HIV/AIDS. The children lived hard lives in brutal conditions. They faced the dangers of wild animals and an ever-changing environment of rainfall and cold winds. They were finally rescued and now have a place to call home.


GHNI heard of the challenges faced by these young and unfortunate orphans and decided to support them by constructing a dormitory for them. Since water was also a major challenge in this area, the children weren’t able to settle fully into the new dormitory but instead had to do part of their activities in the neighborhood. The owner of the facility has also shown fatherly love to them. Six months ago, some of the visitors toured this village and met with the young children. The lifestyle of the orphans touched them so much that the visitors could not hold back their tears. The visitors unanimously pledged their support of the orphans and began drilling a bore-hole. The drilling is ongoing, and the water is already flowing. The community is happy and very grateful for GHNI’s support, which revived their dreams for a better life. It also sounds a sigh of relief to the whole village since the project will serve the entire community.