Water Problem Solved!

Sindh Province, Pakistan


Water is one of the five pillars of Transformational Community Development (TCD). In my last report, I shared that the villagers were struggling for clean water and that we built a water tank in the village. Now, they have clean drinking water in their village. The villagers are very happy to have easy access to clean water in their village. 


Our village outreach programme is helping the community to raise the resources from their own villages. We are assisting 21 villages to uplift their communities. Our recent programmes are making a big difference. FAITH (Food Always In The Home) gardens are helping the community to deal with Food needs. FAITH Gardens and Self-Help Groups are providing more opportunities to share and promote strong relationships. 


FAITH gardens have become a source of Food in the villages. Last year we helped 55 families with seeds and tools for the FAITH gardens. Now, in the spring and summer seasons, we are planning to help 250 families with seeds and tools. One of the women in the village said, “Since I have a kitchen garden in my home and grew eight different vegetables, we are not buying vegetables from the market anymore. We are saving the money which we were using for food”. 


We have been able to visit a few villages and follow-up the Goat Bank in different villages. We already plan to help 15 more families with two goats for each family. A few years ago, we helped a family with one goat. Now they have five goats. Geyan* shares, “I got one goat a few years ago. My family and I take care of them well and now we have five goats. I even sold two goats last year to cover our needs. This is a great help to families to uplift us. I am very thankful.“


Recently we started Self-Help Groups in four more villages. This is a great opportunity to teach villagers about Income Generation and Food security. Many ladies are joining Self-Help Groups in different villages.


One lady who was part of a Self-Help Group, now has a small shop in her house. She took the loan from the group and made a shop. This kind of small step is helping to promote awareness of self-sustainability in communities. 


Thank you!


Partner TCD Worker

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Geyan" is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.