Water Reaches Those in Need

Shambani Village, Kenya


Shambani Village has been going through water challenges, especially for villagers who are far away from water sources and don’t have any other means of transporting water to their homes. Before the problem was half solved, Mama Hanna had the idea to help supply water to villagers who were far away. Yet many families could not afford the cost of transporting large amounts of water so the problem remained unsolved for them. When GHNI recognised the problem, we collaborated with caritas and they started networking together to address the issue. 


Two water kiosks were built for the villagers who were far from the water source and this enabled villagers to be supplied with water. Now those villagers enjoy water without having to walk long distances. This has been a relief to the families who could not afford to have their water transported. Villagers are really happy and thankful that GHNI networked with caritas. One woman, Janet, and her family are so grateful because they live very far from the water source but now are enjoying the availability of water in their home. People are really happy with the transformation that GHNI has helped bring to the lives of Shambani villagers.