Water Tank Completion

Mawa, Indonesia


This quarter our Transformational Community Development (TCD) training team continued to coordinate with Mawa Village to finish up their water project. With the tank at the water source being finished, the community then installed pipes all the way into their village. The GHNI TCD team then assisted in the purchase and installation of a pump and then waited patiently along with the committee for many weeks before finally they were able to install electricity for the unit.  


The last phase will be that each household is responsible for buying their own pipe and running it to their home from the central tank.  We hope that this will go well, especially since there were previous complaints by some community members that villagers who chose not to be involved in the programme should not benefit now.  At that time, the training team presented some lessons on caring about neighbours. Hopefully the issue will not resurface. 


As the water project is nearing completion, the conversation with the village has shifted to next steps.  The committee must decide if they wish to continue addressing issues in the village or if additional committees should be formed to look at issues such as Wellness or Income Generation. The committee’s initial response was that they wish to finish the water project first. Unfortunately, the conversation has stalled due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Since March 15th, the training team has not been permitted to enter the village and has only been in contact via phone.


TCD Update

  • Water - Phase 1 – Completed tank at water source. Phase 2 – Completed water piped to the village. Phase 3 – Electricity installed for pump, pumping to houses in progress.
  • Income Generation - Identified as a great need.
  • Education - Identified as a great need.
  • Wellness - Identified as a great need, mostly skin problems related to hygiene.


Thank you!