Weathering the Cold

Hoja Bubulok Villages, Tajikistan


This month was good and fruitful. It was also a very difficult month for Latif and Safar, who are two of our Transformational Community Development (TCD) workers. Latif suffers with health problems, and Safar also has the same problems. This year is colder than last year, making life harder.


Bozerboy, our third TCD worker, wants to go to Russia for work. Frequently, people go to Russia to make some quick cash. Even though Bozerboy is a school teacher, it is not uncommon for professionals to go to Moscow to work in construction. They can earn a year’s wage in just one or two months.  


In spite of these setbacks, our work is continuing to go very well. In Latif’s village, we built a small library.  We helped with supplying the cement and some tools. Latif is doing a great job. He talks with people in the village. He teaches children the Russian language after school in his apartment. In Vakhdat, we stopped work because it was very snowy and cold.  We hope to resume in the spring.



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