Weekly Wellness Lessons Pay Dividends

Gem Village, Kenya


It’s normal in most of the rural areas for many villagers to get sick during a heavy rainy season. Respiratory infection, diarrhoea and malaria are the most commonly reported maladies in local villages.


Attir Village is not an exception, as many young children and women suffered this long rainy season and a few serious cases were taken to Isiolo General Referral Hospital.


It has been a busy moment for the Wellness Committee, who are also called Community Health Volunteers (CHVs), as they went door to door to educate the community about preventive measures as opposed to curative ones. As part of their visit to each home, they made sure that there was no standing water around the homestead by clearing tall grasses. Tips included the boiling of drinking water and teaching the community simple ways of staying healthy.


Lusiana is one of the community members who took the measures seriously and practiced as she was taught. We took a picture of her clearing bushes around her field to make sure the mosquitoes have no breeding places. Since then, nearly everyone in the village has seen that the key to family health is to be mindful about your environment and what you consume. It is satisfying to see that our weekly wellness lessons are well practiced by the villagers.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update

  • Water - We already have in place an established committee as water is a challenge for everyone here  in this village. There is poor management of what little water is available, but we are working on the installation of solar panels for the well drilled by GHNI.
  • Food - No farms growing in Gem Village due to a lack of enough water for irrigation and the land not being fertile. We continue to do our level best to introduce other methods of farming.
  • Income Generation - The two widows who were recipients in the microloan group are doing very well. They have already finished paying off their second round and have now requested for the second time. More and more people are  venturing into small business ideas.
  • Education - The only school in the area has not done very well on their KCPE exams. We have yet to understand the nature of their problem.
  • Wellness - We have not done any wellness lessons because of some issues in the community. Soon they will recommence since these issues have been resolved by leaders.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader