Welcome to Baba Abdi’s Cafe

Kibera Slum, Kenya


Kibera is a slum located in the midst of Nairobi city. It is the largest slum in east Africa with over 3,000,000 people from every corner of Kenya. A majority are living on less than $1 a day. It is from this understanding that we started Transformational Community Development (TCD) among the slum community. For the last few months, we have experienced a lot of success stories of individuals who have directly benefited from TCD, and Baba Abdi is one of them.


Baba Abdi has lived in Kibera Slum for a long period of time. He has one wife and five children, but due to a low education level, his job as a night guard cannot sustain him nor the fundamental needs of his family. After he learnt from his neighbours about the Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA), as well as other TCD coaching programmes, he took the initiative to avail himself every week to attend sessions. Every Friday, they gather to evaluate their weekly TCD activities. He became a member and benefited from the seed fund. Here, they accumulate some of their own money as well as borrow a loan to start their own small business. 


Baba Abdi stopped being a security guard and started a small café that makes chips and snacks. Through that, he and his wife can make enough to sustain their family’s primary needs. 


Thank you!



GHNI TCD Worker