Welcome Picnic for Refugee Families

House of Esther, Armenia

Before our opening picnic in August, many final preparations and renovations were accomplished.

We then gathered a few refugee families, local children, and a team of students from France visiting the region. We were able to finish four bedrooms, five bathrooms, the living room, and a complete renovation of the kitchen. Seventy-five percent of the inside electrical installations were completed, including the wiring, cable plugs, and switches in most of the rooms. Finally, we painted the outside patio benches and tables that were built for the picnic event. We had a few families visit and join us for lunch, and the children had fun playing. This made us happy and content in our accomplishment.

Now our focus is on raising funds for the needed furniture, beds, mattresses, and kitchen equipment.

We hope that this can be accomplished before the winter season so we can move a few families in. The next step of our program will focus on training the refugee residents for self-sufficiency and sustainability. This will involve helping the refugees by creating workshops and a training area, and building barns for chickens, rabbits, sheep, and more.

It would be very helpful if a volunteer couple from the West (Europe or the USA) came to live at the House of Esther to work with and train these lovely and humble refugees. They have lost everything they built and were barely able to escape with their lives. May the generosity of humanity move a few of us to join them and bring some happiness to all.

In early October, we hosted a delegation of GHNI leadership, including GHNI CEO Hal Jones. All friends of House of Esther were invited to join us. We made arrangements for lodging and food at the House of Esther, on the house!

GHNI Volunteer Project Manager