Well Received Medical Convoy & Life Lessons

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

Recently, our medical convoys made visits in addition to weekly lessons for children and ladies. This was in order to gauge the health for those in the 20 Zeraib Lady of Greenville area and a sugar analysis of 50 MS in the same region. They discovered four women drank the sugar test for the first time. Two dentists came to work with our dental screening medical convoy. 41 dental issues were detected on the men, women, and children. One very difficult situation was found with wisdom tooth decay. Many of those screened need dental filling. This initial screening will help the team plan a work pattern and be more equipped.

Under the theme of “Loving Life”, our organization sought to educate the community about what we teachchildren regarding health, ethics, social, and 

psychological aspects. Lessons have been led by Duaa, where 65 children attended and participated. Duaa brought with her four children from her family and neighbours. They taught every child five tutorial lessons. Children participated with enthusiasm and clapping. Duaa strongly expressed her delight that she now plays the role of a teacher to help enlighten society.

GHNI National Field Leader