Wellness Through Walking

Women of Ezbit el Nakhl

Adel’s mother is a woman who has suffered from diabetes for more than ten years. At the beginning of her sickness, she took pills and then after a while she started to take insulin injections. After attending the lesson of “health by sport,” I encouraged her to walk every day for half an hour. Twenty days later, she went for an analysis and the result was better. I advised her to visit the doctor, which she did, and the doctor was happy with the result and started to reduce the dose. He asked her to keep walking. Now, she is very happy because of what has happened with her.


During the last three months, we’ve given sessions on love and tolerance, forgiveness, self-esteem, and the art of dealing with teenagers. We also held a school supplies fair, taught handicrafts and helped villagers learn how to manage a household budget. In the next three months, we will address wellness issues such as the common cold, irritable bowel syndrome, uncontrollable urination, and the harm of female circumcision. We will also cover other topics including the stages of character growth, effective parenting, midlife crises, and family violence. A clothes fair is also planned.


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl

Marina is 11 years old. She is short with bristly hair. After the lesson, she commented, “I used to beat the kids both at school and on the street. I used to curse them sometimes because they were making fun of my appearance and my hair. In their eyes, I was not beautiful like other girls. In the center, I have learned to defend myself in the right way. I have learned to speak gently with anyone who mocks me. I have learned how to initiate a dialogue and to tell that person that I am happy with who I am and that I am pretty and smart. Then, I will ask him not to bother me again and if he did not listen to me, I would complain to the school principal."


During the last quarter, we addressed wellness by training villagers on how to do first aid for wounds and drowning victims. We also completed medical checkups for 40 patients and held sessions on life and death as well as talent development. We also held fun events including acting, drawing, coloring, singing, playing games, and showing useful cartoons. Lessons on the importance of education, self-defense, the army, and police were conducted, as was a school supplies fair. We had ethics lessons on love, kindness, and punctuality. We established two new projects for raising pigs to increase income.


In the next three months, we plan on addressing wellness by having lessons on eye diseases, the importance of eyeglasses, and firefighting. We also intend to hold lessons on making good decisions, respecting others’ beliefs, apologizing, and the consequences of war. We will also begin plans for the end of the year celebration.


Thank you!

GHNI National Field Leader