What Can $1 a Day Provide?

Global Hope Network is looking for 100 world-changers to commit to giving $1 a day in 2019 to help end extreme poverty in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. If we reach this goal, we will have raised enough funds to cover the costs of Transformational Community Development (TCD) in two villages for an entire year!

But before you make that commitment, you might be wondering exactly how your gifts will be used. TCD is a holistic approach that essentially ensures villagers will be able to break their cycle of extreme poverty and sustain their success long-term, without the assistance of GHNI or other aid workers. Here are just a few programs that TCD encompasses all over the world:

Education - Education is at the core of TCD. GHNI not only makes sure children in the village are able to go to school, but also provides education for adults in a variety of knowledge areas. 

Medical Care - Health is a key part of our villagers' transformation. Through TCD, they learn how simple practices can significantly reduce disease, like washing dishes properly and brushing their teeth.

Emergency Aid - Some of our TCD villages were first the site of a disaster, where we provided relief and then used the TCD method to help villagers recover long-term. In 2018, we provided disaster relief to victims of the earthquake in Sulawesi, Indonesia; Yazidi refugees in northern Iraq; victims of violence in Myanmar; and others. 

Technology Tools & Training - When young people learn technology like computers, they have much better prospects for future employment. GHNI has active computer training centers in numerous locations, including Sindh Province, Pakistan; and villages in India. 

Job Skills - Whether they find a job or start their own small business, our villagers understand the importance of sustainable income. We strategically train them in skills that will work for their geographical area, whether it is farming, sewing, shopkeeping, or others. 

Livestock Loans - GHNI employs goat and chicken loan programs to help families start making income from raising livestock. As the animals multiply, the families can not only sell products such as milk or eggs for income, but they can also use excess products to feed themselves. 

Clean Water - Clean water is often one of the first steps of TCD because so many other factors depend on it. GHNI doesn't just build a well, but we actually teach villagers how to build and maintain wells themselves. 

Food Security - Through agriculture training and provision of seed starter kits, GHNI helps villagers make sure they have long-term access to nutritious food. Crops vary based on villages' climate and geography, but could include rice in South Asia, corn in East Africa, etc. 

Construction Tools & Training - Villages need certain structures like latrines and housing. Because TCD so heavily emphasizes the importance of villagers being self-efficient, TCD trains them to be able to build and maintain these structures without reliance on outsiders for help.

Feeling inspired yet? Be 1 of our 100 world-changers this year!