Where is My Sister?


Anger and frustration welled up within David when his friend told him, “My little sister is missing. My parents don’t know where she has gone.” Days, weeks, and months passed, and hope dwindled, as the young girl’s whereabouts remained unknown. The concerned villagers speculated, “Maybe she went to India.” “Maybe she got married.”

David thought, “What if this happened to my sister?” He decided to take action. He went to college to study Cultural Anthropology and then returned to his village. “There is a passion inside of me to help my people.” David knew these people needed an educated doctor, not to heal their bodies but to heal the culture in his country. Knowing 15,000 girls and women in Nepal are being sold into slavery every year further fueled David’s passion to become part of the solution.

Key leaders of Global Hope Network International (GHNI) met David and were drawn by his fire and passion to help the people in his village stop human trafficking caused by poverty. David learned about GHNI’s method of self-sustainability training, Transformational Community Development (TCD), and was eager to jump on board. Beginning in BT Village, David is convinced finding solutions to challenges in the areas of water, income, education, food, and wellness in the village will reverse the cycle of poverty and eliminate slavery.