Who Knew? Sunscreen for Trees!

Holy Land Garden


The COVID-19 situation continues to create challenges with regards to receiving our expected special needs group. The ongoing ups and downs of governmental decisions as they respond to COVID-19 cases tend to impact the predictability of the timing of the programme. We have started to meet with the supervisors of the group with which we will be involved, and over the next few months we plan on beginning an orientation as it helps the prospective students get to know us better prior to the transition of moving them onsite. 


While the travel of foreigners into the country has come to a complete standstill, we do expect teams of indigenous people to visit and live near the Holy Land Garden. Many of these groups are coming with a desire to assist with agriculture, so we hope to have the opportunity to take advantage of some new helping hands. This interaction is something that we hope can foster relationships.


On a more educational note, we learnt that certain species of young trees can better handle the hot weather here if they get some sunscreen. The avocado tree, which does very well in our area, needs a little protection until it has enough foliage to protect itself. One of the simplest ways to help the tree is to paint it with a special white paint, which reduces the impact of the sun’s rays on the tree trunk. We also try to give the tree a break from the sun if it seems to be struggling at a young age.  


Thank you!


GHNI Partner TCD Worker