Whole Care

Refugees in Lebanon


Clinic Update


With the Lebanese revolution going on, and all the chaos the country is experiencing, our clinic has not closed at all. With all the roadblocks and closure, our committed *Dr. Hamieh comes to the clinic daily where young men at the closed road open the road for him once they know he is a doctor. Our patients are amazed by the care they receive, not only physically but also emotionally and psychologically.  During the past two months, we have been buying medication from Syria, which helps us get a bigger quantity, especially children’s medication. Finally, we found a dentist who will start in our clinic in December as part-time.


The School Update


We are still waiting for our permit that we hoped to get sooner, but the situation in the country at the present time is not helping us out. Our school building is made up of a tent (12’x6’) that is divided into 3 classes (3’x4’ each), this tent could also be turned into a space for several activities and events. 


Sewing School 


Thirteen young women will graduate in January 2020, where there will be an exhibit for their amazing work. There will also be a Christmas bazaar.  


Work with Children


As we are waiting for the permit in order to start our school, we decided to open our doors and use the sewing school space for children on Fridays. We study Arabic, art and physical education. After that, the children, who for the most part are malnourished, enjoy a nice home cooked, healthy meal with fresh juice and fruits.

Young Woman’s Story


A young Syrian woman used to live with her parents in a small city in Syria. She lost her oldest brother in the war, and her other brother suffered from severe third degree burns when a shell hit him.

She had to leave her home and come to Lebanon in order to find a job, so she could help her family and pay for her injured brother’s treatment. Her mother has partially lost her sight from the severe crying and trauma over her two sons. Her father is sick and very old.


A few days after she came to Lebanon, she received news of her brother’s death. She was devastated until she met a young Syrian man in Lebanon, who she is now married to and they have a child together. Their child suffers from congenital hip dislocation.

Today, she is one of our sewing graduates.  She is a hard worker and a determined young woman. She is doing everything she can to help her family. She loves being a part of our community and sewing school and believes that sewing teaches her patience.


New Hope for Young Boys


With the help of some friends, we were able to convert the old container we had into a carpentry workshop.  It was expensive to do that. We have 20 boys registered to start learning - ages 12 to 17. Classes were supposed to start at the beginning of October, but we had to delay them since the situation nearby the House of Sara is not stable, yet.


Thank you, 


GHNI Partner

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Dr. Hamieh" is a pseudonym for the doctor helping with this project.