A Widow Saved from Hardship

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


Before a month ago, we distributed goats to select poor women in the village. These women were selected by the community leaders and the TCD committee, together. Chume is one of those selected. She is married and has two children. Before she joined the Income Generation group, her income was low and sometimes she could not even feed her children. Life was difficult. Her husband died two years ago. To help her children, Chume was collecting firewood in the bush and selling it in town, which was very difficult for her. Chume was travelling 18km (about 11 miles) to Yabelo town from the village she lives in to sell her firewood.


During the drought, the Water Committee worked hard to help the villagers who were travelling long distances to get drinking water. The water they had access to was not pure and making them sick. The Water Committee taught them to boil water and using different types of filtration methods.


After the pest disaster, the Agriculture Committee prepared land for irrigation. The government agriculture office consulted and taught them how to protect their crops in case the same pests returned in the future.


The Income Generation group is doing well in Harowayo Village. It is planning to help villagers begin different types of business activities.


The Education Committee is working to educate the villagers on the importance of sending their children to school. Many preferred to send their children into the bush to tend to their cattle.


The Wellness Committee is teaching villagers on properly handling kitchen materials. It is also helping every household to have a toilet on their compound for better hygiene.



GHNI National Field Leader