Widow with Six Expands Livelihood

Gem Village, Kenya


Almost three years have passed since GHNI-Kenya first targeted Gem Village to transform the lives of the poor, hidden and hurting among the community here. While success is not 100%, we have attained almost unbelievable success in the five major target areas focussed on by GHNI.


Mama Agella is a middle-aged mother of six children who were all left in total darkness after she lost her husband, who was the only breadwinner for the family, to HIV/AIDS. Life was tough for her since she was not receiving help from anybody; not even a well-wisher to raise her children. Angella started providing for her family by  going into the bush and making charcoal to sell in town. This life slowly became unbearable for her as the process of making charcoal was so hectic, and has many negative health consequences as well. She used to walk over long distances in the hot sun with a heavy sack of charcoal on her back to search for customers willing to buy it. Sometimes her children would go to sleep hungry if the charcoal was not sold. 


Then in 2017, GHNI extended its microloan programme to Gem Village to start Transformational Community Development (TCD) there. Angella happened to be among the first women to finish the microloan class taught by GHNI-Kenya. These classes specifically targeted widows, and she was selected to be included in the widow group supported financially by GHNI. Mama Angella began a business selling foodstuffs in a small local canteen, and this would go on to make a big difference in her life. She now manages to provide for her children with the profits she has earned. Due to her hard work, Mama Angella expanded her business and bought a motorbike which brings her 300 shillings every day. Mama Angella is now a living testimony to many who knew of her past life.

GHNI National Field Leader