Widows Benefit From Micro Loans

Gem Village, Kenya

Gem is the fifth village to be adopted by GHNI-Kenya in order to improve the lives of widows and orphans. They number more than 200 due to the high HIV and AIDS infection rate. It was just beginning in early 2016 as we adopted this village. Within seven months, a lot has already been achieved.

For these particular months, we will base our report on the Micro Finance Program, from which 21 widows were beneficiaries. We gave each woman 10,000 shillings (about $100) to be paid back in the next six months, as their group constitution states.

For the last three months, everyone has been paying as agreed, while every individual works hard to benefit from those loans. All the women who attended were reluctant and embarrassed at first. But very soon they were happy to learn the lessons and that other villages had significantly reduced many common infections and diseases through simple knowledge.

GHNI National Field Leader