Wife Helps Husband Support Their Family

Ramantar Village, Nepal


Kopisha lives in Ramantar Village. She has a husband and four children in her family. She says she is very happy about the Transformational Community Development (TCD) movement because she has learnt so many things that are making her life successful. Before starting TCD in her village, she had no idea about Income Generation and had no personal income sources. The family had to depend on her husband’s income source. She used to think that only her husband was responsible for the family expenses. She accepted that it was her wrong understanding. She participated in TCD classes and learnt about being personally self-sustainable with an Income Generation project. Then she started her job of beekeeping. She got a loan from GHNI as seed money and she also invested a little money. With that money she bought three boxes of bees. She was able to produce 96 kg of honey. When she sold that honey at a price of Rs.500 per kg, it came to a total of Rs.43,000 of income. This was her first personal income. She paid back the seed money to the committee and has plans to buy more bees. She thanks GHNI once again for helping her.


The situation is not good in our village because the COVID-19 lockdown is going on and it has been challenging for us. We carried on our activities against COVID-19 and tried to help people save their lives. This month we met with the villagers about the road construction project for our village, we formed the committee and went to the local government to talk about the motorable road in our village. The Chairman of Rural Municipality provided funds for our village. We wanted to start construction of the road but because of the lockdown it was postponed. It will be carried out and completed later. 

I visited people door-to-door and taught about the coronavirus and its preventative safety measures. I shared with the children and women about sanitation, hand washing, use of masks and sanitizer, keeping social distances, and keeping the house and kitchen clean. People are following the TCD teachings.

Because of the lockdown we are not allowed to go to the village. I have encouraged people to do physical exercise and spend time reading. This month I also have encouraged them to be self-sustainable. And one family bought two buffaloes and started keeping them this month.


Thank you!




*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Sreva" and “Kopisha” are pseudonyms for the individuals helping with this project.