Winterizing the House

House of Esther, Armenia


In Spitak, November is when the winter sets in. The team has been busy preparing for winter conditions. They disconnected all unneeded faucets, drained water from outside exposed pipes, collected the leaves, covered the base of the fruit trees to protect them from the frost, etc.


The fish in the fish farm are reaching two months of age, but they have started dying again. The water filters were not cleaning the water properly, so the air filters are insufficient for this stage. We were hoping to receive funds to support the fish operation, buy an additional and bigger water filter, and better feed.


The green house is on standby. We are hoping for a generous donation that will enable us to put the plastic cover up in early March 2018 and then we will start the planting.


Our application to UNHCR-Armenia was completed and sent for approval.  Hopefully, the team will receive a few animals and agriculture support.


One local partner NGO is always in touch with our House of Esther team for occasional support in food and clothing.


GHNI Partner Volunteer