Winterizing the House of Esther

House of Esther, Armenia


Winter has come to stay at the House of Esther (HoE) in Armenia and will remain until late April. This means much of life centers around simply keeping warm and staying indoors, which entails providing things to do inside that are also productive and beneficial to the HoE.  


The men (Apo, Hratch and George) are managing the best they possibly can, given the difficult winter conditions. Winter is also tough on many mentally and emotionally, as they are not able to be quite as busy. Sometimes it offers too much time to think and contemplate about families and friends in their home countries and other places. They are always glad to receive phone calls and texts from friends and family.  


They did a great job of insulating the roof solar heater, meaning the pipes and points of conduction are not exposed to the elements. They have also built shelves inside. Additionally, they have safeguarded the plumbing and pipes from the frost, and other inside work needed for winterization.  

GHNI Project Volunteer