Women’s Groups Eagerly Learn

KW Village*, Nepal


In this first quarter of this year, we have carried out many activities among the Women’s Groups and the Children’s Groups of this village. I am very excited to explain about it. The leaders and villagers are very happy and actively involved in Transformational Community Development (TCD). We know that this village is behind in many aspects, but now because of the TCD initiative the community is moving slowly on the path of development. 


This quarter, people learnt the following: the potential government services and development projects available to them; about First Aid and prevention of diseases; about self-sustainable work and its importance; about the importance of healthy food and safe water; about the importance of the self-production values; to do business to be self-sustainable; to be safe during the cold season; about Income Generation; the importance of child education; about the dangers of child marriage; about sanitation; about saving money; about skill development and their use; about personal health; etc.


The above lessons have been taught to the TCD groups. Because of the TCD lessons, villagers are now connecting with the local government and are able to take advantage of the different services.


TCD Update

  • Water ― Teaching the use of safe and clean water has brought awareness among the community. They know now that unsafe water is the main source of many kinds of diseases.
  • Food ― The food habits of the people of this village have changed. When we started with this teaching, we taught them to use fresh vegetables and healthy food. Their health status has been improving.
  • Income Generation ― Teaching the villagers to multiply their resources and family involvement in Income Generation has been beneficial to the community.
  • Education ― Our main focus in this village is to help children and women with Education. More parents are now sending their children to school. Women attend literacy classes and learn much from them.
  • Wellness ― We are continuing to teach personal Health care, family and community Health.


Thank you!



*For purposes of security, “KW Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.