Women’s Savings Group

*JT Village, Nepal


Engaged in farming this month, we followed up with villagers. A new savings group has been actively working with the community. **Kasuni is a member of the women’s savings group, whom we have supported. She raises goats and sells them, making good money to help with her family expenses and children’s education. Kasuni’s daughter and son have studied well.


As we plan to expand our work in this village, we are visiting other villages in the cluster, talking with the people and visiting a new school. They are also interested in learning Transformational Community Development (TCD), so we plan to give TCD training to the leader of that village.


Sushil B


*For purposes of security, “JT Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.

**For purposes of security & well-being, “Kasuni” is a pseudonym for a person being helped by this project.