Women and Children Engage in Change

The dedication of the GHNI-Egypt team has proven fruitful, as explained through their recent update on women’s and children’s programs.

Ezbit el Nakhl, Egypt

“We presented awareness lessons in different fields to the ladies. About health, we talk about gout disease. About social, how to face financial problems. About emotional, we talk about turning bad choices to good choices. Also, educating about how to protect our children from risk and dangerous things such as electricity and fire.

“With children, we presented a moral lesson under the motto, ‘The evil kill the evil person,’ using drama show to support our idea. We helped a girl, 11 years old. She feels happy when she harmed people before.  

“We made a day for drawing and handmade works to encourage their talent. We distribute sweets and carrots for all children.

“In educational section, we teach some children how to read and write very well. We did some Arabic & English lessons for 4-5 years old children.

“One of the ladies who came regularly, after hearing a lesson about stopping wrong actions, she decided to take one step forward. She decided to stop doing many bad things, especially takes money from household expenses. She admits this in front of all ladies. After one week I asked her, ‘What did you do?’ She said, ‘I confess to my husband about what I was done and said I will never do this again because I want to live with peace.’

“During the next month we will make exhibition for winter used clothes and give lessons about personal hygiene. We will teach ladies about how to treat teenager, talk about mercy and reconciliation with oneself. We will help some of children need to do abdomen operation. Also we will help ladies who need to do bitterness operation.”