Women are Excited About Income Generation

Katuwaghat Village, Nepal


This month, though the villagers were busy because of the local-level elections, their Transformational Community Development (TCD) programmes continued. Now, because of the TCD movement, their lives are changing and developing. I taught them how to go to the local government to request a budget for the development of their village. There are no government representatives from this village. Getting the budget for development is extremely difficult, but, this time, there was a local election and they asked about a budget for their village. They were successful because of the community’s unity. I also taught them to vote for a good leader who loves villagers and does development. They followed my instructions and are very happy because the village is transforming because of the TCD lessons.


This was a season of strong wind and rain, and the water sources became dirty and polluted. So, we taught the villagers to drink hand-pump Water and to use boiled water in order to remain healthy. This month, we started a Water boring programme for the irrigation provided by the local government.


The TCD team helped villagers to send their children to school through the Education awareness programme. Earlier, when children did not attend school, many of them were getting married. Now, child marriage has also stopped.


I have been teaching the villagers why they should go to the hospital when they become ill. Many of them go to a witch doctor instead of going to the doctor. I taught them to go to the hospital as soon as they get ill. I taught pregnant women to go to the hospital and follow the doctor's advice. I educated parents about the vaccines that children should be having.


I taught the villagers to take care of their food and to eat a balanced diet as per the TCD lessons, avoiding eating oily, stale or dirty food. Someone suffering from diabetes or other health issues, should avoid sugar and eat food according to the doctor's recommendations. Villagers are happy with the TCD lessons because they had no teaching like that before.

I visited Income Generation members and taught them how to increase their income sources. I gave new ideas to find sources of income and how to select the best work. I taught the villagers to save money and lend to others to help them generate income. I teach to help and encourage other friends to also get involved in this TCD programme.


Success Story

My name is Liniksha*. I live in Betauna Village in the Morang district of Nepal. I have six members in my family. One day, I was in Katuwaghat Village and participated in the TCD class. It was about Income Generation. I liked that teaching and it touched my heart. I went back to my village and invited a TCD worker to come to Betana Village and give us the TCD lessons. I was suffering from financial problems and I had no family income. My husband works as a labourer and we have no savings because he is an alcoholic. In my village, all women are jobless. They have no source of income. They only look to their husband for their needs. So, I felt the need for the TCD programme, trusting that it would change this situation. Because of the TCD lessons, my life has changed. I started a micro-shop and cosmetic shop in the village. My shop is running well and I have a good income. I hope I will be successful in this work and will be self-sustaining. I would like to give thanks to GHNI for TCD and my Income Generation.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Liniksha" is a pseudonym for the individual being helped by this project.