Women Benefit Greatly from WEC

Women’s Empowerment Centre--East, Afghanistan


Most of the girls in the local school were excited when we inaugurated the Women’s Empowerment Centre 2 (WEC) in the east.  The majority of students wanted to attend the English course, but we only had the capacity for 40 students. They are passionately coming to the centre every day except Friday.


We are primarily using English books called Let’s Go and distributed 40 copies to our students. We are striving to make a better learning environment for the English course, using different methods to teach, encourage, and motivate our students to improve.


About 35 women are attending the hygiene lessons. They will also be taking sewing classes to make their own clothes and enable them to generate income as well.


We recently talked to the women about disease prevention and also discussed sustainability practices. Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons were provided to the trainer. We plan to teach the students of WEC 1 how to role play and perform skits. This should be both fun and valuable for them!


Thank you!

The GHNI-Afghanistan Team