Women Diversify Their Products

Polewali, Indonesia


In 2017, the GHNI Transformational Community Development (TCD) training team helped the Polewali community build a business to utilise coconuts as a local resource to be processed into Virgin Coconut Oil which is now being distributed to all of Indonesia. One of the first employees from the beginning of that initiative was Mardiana. She was a hard worker and a positive example to others. She fell in love with a co-worker at the processing facility and they married. Shortly thereafter, Mardiana became pregnant with their first child and she resigned from work as a result. 


Fast forward to 2019, a group of women in the community were trained by the GHNI team and began learning to use the by-products from coconut oil production to make herbal soap. Due to a more flexible work schedule, Mardiana joined this women’s small business group. The group is marketing the product locally and is receiving great reviews. As they continue to grow, Mardiana stands out because of her confidence and work ethic. She has now been appointed as the official coordinator for the group, arranging meetings, production, and marketing. 


“Our hope is that this business will grow and continue to play a part toward transforming our community economically and changing the lives of families in Polewali,” said Mardiana this month when speaking with the TCD team from GHNI. Economic opportunities and grateful hearts are two things that were once absent in the Polewali community but are now found in abundance thanks to the newfound awareness that they can indeed work to lift themselves out of poverty. 


Thank you,


Did, Indro, Jeremy, Eva

GHNI Partner TCD Workers