Women Embrace Peace and Respect

Shobra al Khima Village, Egypt


Every week, we present one of the Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons for women. We inquire about their needs and then choose the appropriate lesson for them and their needs. This week, we presented a lesson about gossip and the reasons that push a person to gossip. We talked about the forms of gossip and its consequences on our spiritual, psychological, and social life as individuals. Umm Yara is one of the attendees; she owns a shop, sells household items, and helps repair damaged fabric for her neighbourhood residents. At the end of one lesson, she explained that men and women constantly pass by her shop and she can hear them gossiping about other people and their deeds which contain a lot of fake news.  After she heard the lesson, she decided that she would not give them a chance to gossip again or take part in it herself while she serves them at her workplace. She is now aiming at living peacefully in the community, being loved and living a satisfying life for herself and others.


Hala shared that she learnt from the lesson of respect, especially respect for her husband. She learnt to appreciate his circumstances and understand the pressures he is going through. Hala said, "My husband felt the change in my words, my appreciation and respect for him, and when he asked me what was the reason for the change, he knew that it was because of the TCD group. He told me to continue attending the group because this makes us happy as a family."


Thank you,

Azmy, Hanaa, Miriam

GHNI TCD Workers