Women Empowered in Nepal

BT Village*, Nepal

Visiting women every Friday and Saturday in a small village in rural Nepal, our village trainer, David, is hopeful for transformation.

“I have translated some slavery prevention lesson for them. I gave Transformational Community Development (TCD) lesson on slavery. I taught about the importance on women in the community, why and how to respect women, and what is the role of women in the community.”

Also, having talked about how the TCD method will help the whole village climb out of the vicious cycle of poverty, the community is beginning to catch a vision. Women and children are caught up in human trafficking in many different ways, but it all roots back to poverty. Parents are tricked into selling their children, girls are kidnapped while doing chores instead of being in school, and women are desperate for any kind of income for their family—no matter what it takes. Solving poverty will eliminate the various risks of human trafficking in this village.

David explains further, “Women in the family and community should be educated so that they can run the house expenditure carefully, to care of making hygienic food, care for the children, and to teach their children good languages.  And if they are educated then they can work to develop self-sustainable community. They did not have to go abroad to earn the money. If they have to go abroad then educated women can get the information about her working area. Women are very interested to learn about slavery prevention.

“This village is very happy to work with us to transform their community.”

* For purposes of security and well-being, “BT Village” is a pseudonym of the village that is being helped by this project.