Women Faithfully Meet to Encourage One Another

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt

At the women’s weekly meeting, where we used Community Development Education (CDE) Strategy, the lessons focus on four areas: emotional, social, physical, and spiritual. Women learn to share with others what they find helpful and have had a positive effect on their life. Usually they blush of shyness when sharing with others, especially sharing their beliefs. Group leaders encourage them to break their fear. By sharing what they learn in the group with their family and neighbors, they now have courage and love to share what they learned in the meetings.

Looking into the next month, we are planning a health survey for women and also days for gathering together. The health survey will include blood, urine, stool, sugar, and C virus analysis. One day of gathering together will be a time each woman may bring some kind of food to share with each other and encourage one another.


GHNI Project Manager, Egypt