Women Gain Influence in the Community

Tanakeke-Batu Ampara Village, Indonesia

After beginning the Vannamei shrimp-breeding program in Batu Ampara, we have worked with seven individuals from the community who have now seen the benefits of the program. Some of them are continuing on their own, without additional financial support from GHNI.

Some of the challenges to this program include feeding the shrimp regularly and the cost of shrimp food. GHNI has helped the farmers to buy shrimp food directly from the shrimp food distributor. Another challenge for the farmers is the cost of transporting several sacks of shrimp food.

After the GHNI community trainer gave us feedback about the situation and relevant issues, the suggested solution to these various challenges was the development of a cooperative. As the cooperative was being formed, GHNI staff decided that the core committee or board of the cooperative would be comprised of women from the community.

The group will elect the chairperson. One of the women, Mrs. K, expressed excitement at the opportunity to have equal rights with men to run a cooperative in the community, when before the woman’s role was to only be a wife and caretaker of the children.


GHNI Project Manager, Indonesia