Women Honoured and Helped with Training

Spitak, Armenia


This year, we had a longer winter than usual. It snowed until late March. On one hand, this was good for nature and agriculture as for many years we had mostly dry winters. People in Jrashen and Spitak are ready to start their work in the fields in April. They have cabbage and potato fields ready for planting. On the other hand, it was a very difficult time, as many struggled to pay the bills for electricity and gas for heating and cooking. 


One friend responded to these needs and sent support for this family to Jrashen, to pay the bills and help them live through the winter season. 


International Women’s Day 

We had a special event for some women involved in the programmes with GHNI. The women made a special cake and brought it to the event. These kinds of gatherings help the community to spend time with each other, share thoughts and dreams, and are bringing encouragement to each other’s lives. These women are empowered to help transform lives and their conditions in the community.


Sewing Project

We have finished the sewing training with the second group of women and now we will not have a tutor. Yet, the women will take turns and teach other local women sewing skills. This is why GHNI’s Training of Trainers (TOT) is so important! By the end of the course, they received certificates. 


They now formed a Sewing Committee; committees are another GHNI aspect of Transformational Community Development (TCD). The newly created Sewing Committee works on starting a micro business in the village.  


In the upcoming months, we will work towards the goals of beginning and developing a micro business. Three women from the group got a job in the sewing factory. 


Mariam is 20 years old and has six siblings. As their father died last year, Miriam decided to leave the village and go to another city to earn her living. Yet, when she learnt about the Sewing Project, she decided to stay and get the training. Today, she feels more equipped to stay in the village and work to help her family and the community. 


Dear friends, thank you for all your support.


Thank you!