Women Receive Small Loans, Produce Big Results

In poor communities around the world, cottage industries are frequently vital to providing family income, especially for women with young children.Thanks to the funds from our generous donors, GHNI is able to provide microloans to villagers looking to start their own business and eventually eliminate the need for outside aid. One proud example is 32-year-old Thilagawathy, of Nallathanniya Village in Sri Lanka.

Life was pretty difficult for Thilagawathy, the mother of two pre-teen boys, and her husband when their combined income as a tea plucker and estate worker was not sufficient to provide both food and education for their family. In search of a better salary, her husband decided to go to the city of Colombo. Although Thilagawathy was not happy about it, she knew, especially as her children grew older, that it was a necessity.

This enterprising mother was also selling readymade and homemade clothing. With the help of a microloan from GHNI to improve this small business, her trade gradually increased to the point where she had to take on a partner, and her profits rose to nearly $80 per month. A second loan allowing her to buy more material now has her aiming for a monthly profit of around $150.

While TCD workers have noted that all the villagers who’ve received microloans are “happier, associating with each other in a more friendly way, and their togetherness and participation are growing,” Thilagawathy’s hard work and dedication were rewarded in yet another way as well. As she happily told TCD workers, her son was one of four primary school children in their village to pass a scholarship exam.

Your help continues to make these loans and their long-term benefits possible. Thank you for partnering with us to improve the lives of the communities we serve!