Women Start Small Businesses

Chandrapura Village, India


This past month, I mainly worked with the ladies in the village, as most of the men were celebrating New Years and their cultural festival “Sohrai”. During this season, men become alcoholics and don’t want to work. It was very difficult for me to even talk to them. For that reason, I turned to the ladies and encouraged them do some local business and to do kitchen gardening so that they can save their money by eating the vegetables grown near their own home. It will be beneficial for their health, too, because they will grow it organically.


I talked with 25 ladies and selected 8 to begin a business. One of them is ready to start with a small business of purchasing and reselling pulses (beans) and white soils (which are used for painting houses) and purchasing and selling small chickens. We loaned them 3,000 rupees each (about $40) to start their business.


One lady, Simi, who started a kitchen garden last month, is now harvesting fruit from her labor. She had sown tomatoes, and they started producing fruit. She is modeling kitchen gardening to other ladies and encouraging them that if she can do it, they can also do it.