Words of Affirmation

Haggana Village, Egypt


Om Amr* shared and said, “My son's name is Karim*. I'm coming to thank you for the beautiful lessons you offer. I see my son Karim has changed. He was stubborn like his brother, and he wouldn't obey me or his father. Two weeks after he joined, I was surprised by him hugging me and giving me a kiss and saying, “Mama, I love you and will never make you mad again. Thank you for your love and concern for me, you are the most beautiful mother in the world.” When I asked him why he had said that, he took a lesson about honouring and respecting the mother, and how you care for us. I was so very happy. I saw the change in my son for the better. Now, if I ask him to do anything, he does it right away.”


Every week, we offer Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons for women, and a recent lesson was about positive speech and how our words can be positive for ourselves and for others. Om Mido* said that her husband wanted to work on a project that would provide an income, and he shared all his thoughts about the project. Om Mido would say negative words related to failure and the expectation of loss and began to destroy his goal instead of encouraging him to succeed. Along with speaking negativity over her husband, she would speak negativity over her sons, too. After she heard the lesson on positivity, she decided that she would speak positive words about her husband and his job. Along with that, she decided that it would be a push forward to speak words of encouragement to her sons, who she always hurt with her words.


Thank you!



GHNI National Leader

*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Om Amr”, “Karim”, and “Om Mido” are pseudonyms for the individuals involved with this project.