Work on a Clean Water Source is Almost Complete

Mawa, Indonesia


The year 2019 was an eventful one for Mawa Village. Lack of access to water has adversely affected their daily lives for years in regards to everything from poor health to limited options for income generation.  In partnership with GHNI, our local Transformational Community Development (TCD) training team has worked with the Mawa community through the process of identifying a nearby water source, digging through layers of rock to access the spring, building a concrete tank to collect the water, and piping the water to the village.


This month, the village has procured and installed the pump, and they are now waiting on the electric company to come out and hook it up to the grid.  They are almost there! The village committee, along with the training team, are anxiously awaiting the impact that access to water will have on the village.  After the water begins flowing into the village, they will work together to see how they can maximise this new resource and leverage it into better health and a better income. Stay tuned!


Thank you,



GHNI Partner TCD Worker