Working Hard to Stop the Spread of the Coronavirus

Myat Hlae Village, Myanmar


The TCD committees continue to maintain the prevention of the coronavirus infection in the village.


Generally speaking, it is not an easy job to actively get involved in social work when one’s life is not safe and it is difficult to earn a living. Rakhine State is still the second largest coronavirus infected state in the country. Recently, the government has reopened 2G internet in the area. But it doesn’t help anything because the internet connection is unstable and the villagers still could not access the news. Further, due to political issues in the region, people have different perspectives on the coronavirus which makes it harder to engage the villagers and the nearby villagers in the virus protection. Against all odds, our champion and the TCD Wellness Committee members are engaged in promoting community wellness and welfare during this pandemic.


Our champion said that it was very difficult to convince people to wear masks properly, wash hands and avoid crowds, especially when the local market is opened as a variety of people from the nearby villages came to buy food in the village. The local market was opened twice a week normally. The market days are the most dangerous days for the villagers to get infected, as there are a lot of people who do not wear masks and will not practice social distancing. In order to minimise the possibility of infection from the local market place, the chief and the committee decided to reduce the number of market days in the village. So now, they have only one market day in a week. Not only that, the committee members continue to take time to educate people in the village and outside the village on the importance of wearing masks properly and washing hands often. The commitment and hard work of the chief and the committee members have paid off until now because there is no reported positive case in the community.


Thank you!