Working from Home

Vocational Training Programme, Jordan


Iraqi Stories 


*Adani is an Assyrian-Iraqi married man from Tilisqof, Iraq, who used to work as an electrician in Iraq. They have been in Jordan for three years, and the situation is hard. They are not able to work and pay for their daily life expenses. Adani’s 25-year-old daughter is an artist who paints oil paintings. We had lunch with them, and it was very delicious. 


An Iraqi married woman with one son has been in Jordan for a month. She used to work as a hairdresser back when she was still in Iraq, so we thought of helping her generate some income to cover some of her daily life expenses. We had her cut the hair of one member of our visiting team and then paid her for the haircut. This was a way to give her an idea of how to work from home and encourage her that nothing is impossible.



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, ”Adani” is a pseudonym for an individual being helped by this project.