Working for Their Own Success

Bulesa Dima Village, Kenya

Success in Transformational Community Development (TCD) is initiated by those from within the community who feel the need for growth and change for their life. We have realized in many instances the poverty we are trying to eradicate is more mental than physical. When their mentality changes, everything around them changes. Through our TCD programs and training, we have changed the community from hopelessness to transformed persons.

A man named Ali shared with us how he lived, helping others achieve their goals in life, and how he was an instrument of their success. Yet, he himself ended up having nothing.

Ali is a shop attendee in one of the stores in town. His employer became very rich due to his hard work. He was even promoted to high rank in his job due to his devotion and commitment to his work. But his income of 3,000 shillings pay per month (about $33) never changed. Ali got married and had children, and his family always struggled. The need in the family increased day by day, but his income never increased. One day, during our weekly visit to his village, Ali happened to be part of our TCD meeting where we challenged the participants to explore the resources within their reach.

Ali took a bold step and asked his employer for a three month advance. With that advance, he put up a small canteen (shop) in the village for his wife. Very soon, he was able to pay his employer back, and now the business has grown to completely sustain his family. Right now, he is planning how he can make his dream come true and achieve his own goals in life, instead of just helping others. He personally appreciates GHNI for its great effort in helping many.

Wubshet & Habiba

GHNI National Field Leaders, Kenya