Year-End Celebrating and Giving Thanks

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt


It has been a very good month. In the village of Adendan, we are going to start an educational series about marriage and choosing your life partner as a sequel of what we learnt in our conference for the families in Hurgada. This time we will do these lectures for the young men and women of the village, and we hope they will apply what they will learn from this course.


The child development programme has worked in the village of Taha for ten months. The children have changed their behaviour and community communication. The children thought to clean their school and provide new hygiene tools to the school administration from their daily expenses.

Twenty-five children participated in the cleaning campaign.  The school administration and teachers welcomed them and showed appreciation. They expressed their love for the children by honouring them in the morning assembly in front of the school.


Awareness meetings were held for mothers in the village of Shosha on the development of children and gender equality. There were workshops for discussion. The results were impressive as a result of spreading awareness in this village that suffers from many problems related to rearing children.


An entertainment day was held to end the women's health class in the village of Saft al-Laban.


Most mothers do not enjoy time going out and stay busy with daily work, so this day was an opportunity for mental relief for mothers, which made them happy.


A day of thanks in the village of Towa was held at the end of December. The women’s health class celebrated the end of the year by lighting candles and offering words of thanks for 2019 and wishes for the New Year. They then spent time eating food together.


Thank you!



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