A Young Girl’s Dream within Reach

Hoogly Village, India

I have many life stories of real little children sincerely taking every chance to make their future better. Today, I would like to introduce Riya, a 12-year-old girl who is sincerely perusing her studies with the dream of becoming a schoolteacher. Riya’s father, Tarak, is a rented auto driver, and her mother, Tinku, is a housewife who also works part-time as maid. Tarak earns enough money to support the family but cannot afford a good education for his daughter.


Riya is studying in the 7th grade and a very good student. She was facing problems with her subject of computers. She couldn't afford a good private institution for practical practice. When Riya came to know that we are providing a good computer education with a minimum fee, she happily joined our computer center. She is now on her way to becoming a teacher.


Thank you, GHNI, for helping us to reach out to these people.


Partner TCD Worker